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Learn more about our custom visualizations that can turn your MUNIS Data into easy to understand insights.

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    • Financial Templates

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    Visualize Your Data

    Get the financial reporting you need with a click of a button. Our data visualization tools makes financial reporting a piece of cake! 

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    • Our data reporting tools can be accessed from a desktop computer or a mobile device for your convenience.


    Learn how Datum Insights can help you understand your MUNIS data in easy to view reports.

    Visualize Your Data

    MUNIS data visualization reports available at the click of a mouse.

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    Make Informed Decisions

    We can help you make the best qualified decisions you can for your constituants.

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    Great For Everyone

    Our data reporting is great for local governments, schools, and even municipalities.

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    Financial Reporting Templates

    Our custom made financial templates are easily configured to fit any version of Munis so that your financial data flows effortlessly through them to display exactly what you are looking for to make correct fiscal decisions.

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    Budgeting Tools

    We have designed the most powerful budgeting tool for salary and benefit projections. Our report can instantly analyze your payroll and position control data that is scattered throughout Munis to display future salary and benefit projections for your next fiscal year.

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    Pricing Options

    Want to see the costs that come with our visual data reporting? No problem! Our options are very affordable. Have a look for yourself! 

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