Cash Balance

$99monthly + setup
  • See current & historical cash balance in each fund
  • Detailed debit and credit transactions

Bank Balance

$99monthly + setup
  • Track all bank account balances
  • View all cleared and uncleared check

Vendor & AP Checks

$99monthly + setup
  • Vendor transactions and payments
  • Year by Year expense comparison

Diversity & Inclusion

$99monthly + setup
  • Overview of employee census
  • Longevity and employee historical displays

Payroll Accruals

$99monthly + setup
  • See total accrual liability
  • Breakdown of all time off per employee

Budget VS Actual

$199monthly + setup
  • Drilldown feature to view budget line items
  • Year by Year budget comparison

Payroll & Benefits

$199monthly + setup
  • View overall and detail payroll salary & deductions
  • Pay totals by types and deductions per employee

Salary & Benefit Projections

  • Get multiple COLA scenarios in seconds
  • Drilldown by fund, department, division, & object